[reit] 1. noun
1) (the number of occasions within a given period of time when something happens or is done: a high (monthly) accident rate in a factory.) odstotek
2) (the number or amount of something (in relation to something else); a ratio: There was a failure rate of one pupil in ten in the exam.) delež
3) (the speed with which something happens or is done: He works at a tremendous rate; the rate of increase/expansion.) hitrost
4) (the level (of pay), cost etc (of or for something): What is the rate of pay for this job?) tarifa
5) ((usually in plural) a tax, especially, in United Kingdom, paid by house-owners etc to help with the running of their town etc.) pristojbina
2. verb
(to estimate or be estimated, with regard to worth, merit, value etc: I don't rate this book very highly; He doesn't rate very highly as a dramatist in my estimation.) ceniti
- at this
- at that rate
- rate of exchange
* * *
I [réit]
razmerje, odnos, mera, proporcija; odstotki; obrok; pristojbina, porto, taksa, tarifa, (predpisana) cena; tečaj, kurz; stopnja; rang; lokalni, občinski davek; kategorija, nautical razred; poprečna hitrost (hoja, hod)
at an easy rate — brez velikih stroškov
at any rate — v vsakem primeru, vsekakor, brezpogojno
at the current rate — po dnevnem tečaju
at a great rate — zelo hitro
at the rate of — po ceni od, po tečaju od
at the rate of 30 miles an hour — s hitrostjo 30 milj na uro
at the rate of 5 pounds — za ceno, po ceni ɜ funtov
at that rate — v tem primeru, v takih okolnostih, na ta način, če je to tako
at this rate — na ta način, če se bo sedanji položaj nadaljeval
at a tremendous rate — s strašansko, z noro brzino, hitrostjo
by no rate — nikakor, na noben način
rates and taxes — občinski in državni davki
rate of the day — dnevni tečaj
rate of exchange — menjalni tečaj; borzni tečaj
rate of interest — obrestna mera
rate of insurance — stopnja zavarovanja
rate of issue — emisijski tečaj
rate of wages — plača
birth-rate — število rojstev
death-rate — število smrti, umrljivost
a first-rate economist — prvovrsten ekonomist
inland rate — notranja (tuzemska) poštnina
railway rates — železniška tarifa
a second-rate hotel — hotel II. kategorije
special rates — posebne tarife
II [réit]
transitive verb
oceniti, določiti vrednost, preceniti; regulirati (kovanje denarja); smatrati (koga), šteti, prištevati, računati (among med, kot); British English oceniti davek, obdavčiti; nautical uvrstiti (ladjo) v razred ali kategorijo; slang zaslužiti (kaj) po svojem položaju; intransitive verb biti upoštevan, upoštevati se, šteti se, prištevati se, računati se (as kot, med), biti ocenjen
I rate him among my friends — štejem ga za svojega prijatelja
he is rated a rich man — on velja za bogataša
I rate rice lower than wheat — riž cenim manj (smatram za slabšo hrano) kot žito
houses are highly rated — hiše so zelo obdavčene
this ship rates A 1 — ta ladja ima najvišjo oceno (za zavarovanje)
to rate up a property — oceniti lastnino višje, kot je vredna
III [réit]
transitive verb & intransitive verb
ošteti, ukoriti, ozmerjati, grajati (at koga), psovati (for zaradi)
IV [réit]
transitive verb & intransitive verb
goditi; rositi, močiti (lan)

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.

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